Fiscal Policy

How does the state fiscal policy work in a no interest context? We will develop an introductory understanding of this highly complex and theoretical topic over the course of our studies.

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5 responses to “Fiscal Policy

  1. as-94783-sa

    I am Nora. I admit it.

  2. Muhammad Akram

    “How does the state fiscal policy work in a no interest context?” The question in itself is not correct because the interest is related to Monetary Policy and directly influenced by changes in Money supply though the fiscal policy can influence it indirectly.
    I islamic perspective Zakat plays a vital role for revenue generation by taxing progressively and can be subsitituted as a Direct Tax.

  3. zakariah

    I think we should first address the question whether interest-free is the same as riba-free economy? because there’s some elements in interest rate which cannot be classified as riba, the appropriate concept to be used should be a riba-free interest economy.

  4. No cards are easy to get approved for anymore. Consumer credit lines have now been cut by over $2.5 Trillion (last week’s figures, thru end-July). Credit lines are being reduced or eliminated entirely. New credit is not being extended unless you have excellent credit.

    If you can get a new credit card application approved, the amount of the credit limit will depend on your income and amount of credit currently available to you.

  5. Muhammad Haliru Sidi

    compare and contrast the fiscal policy framework in secular economic management and Islamic economic system?

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